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Aero Aviation Flight School

Flight training is more affordable than ever. We offer attractive financing to qualified applicants
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Getting your Private Pilot certificate couldn't be easier with Aero Aviation's comprehensive training program. All you need to do is make an appointment for your first flight lesson.

Our Training Programs extend from the initial stages (Private Pilot Certificate) through Intermediate Levels (Instrument Training, Commercial Pilot Certificate) to Advanced Career Disciplines (Airline Transport Pilot, Certified Flight Instructor).

Each course is highly structured and you will receive a course outline which integrates both ground and flight instruction.  For each period of training, we use a syllabus with specific objectives and your progress will be stage checked by our Senior Flight Instructor.  Instruction is on a one-to-one basis to ensure that you receive the full benefit of our expertise, whatever your level of experience.


  • There are no minimum requirements to start your training. All you need is a desire to learn and a commitment to fly.
  • Your Flight Instructor will explain the additional materials needed for your training at the beginning of your first lesson.


  • The minimum flight experience to obtain your Private Pilot certificate is 40 hours of flight training.  The national average is 63 hours (FAA data).  Aero Aviation has an excellent record of enabling our students to obtain their Private license in approximately 50 hours.
  • The minimum recommended Flight Training schedule is one lesson per week.  At that rate, you will get your Private Pilot license in about six months.  If you fly twice a week, you will be able to become a Private Pilot in about three months.
  • Aero Aviation Flight School does not have any additional or hidden charges, you will pay as you go.  At the end of your lesson your Flight Instructor will charge you for the day's lesson and make an appointment for the next flight lesson.  When you fly solo, you will only pay for the hourly rate of the airplane. 



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